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Cypress Bail Bonds (714) 994-4666

Cypress Bail Bondsman Service

We offer personalized, caring bail bonds in Cypress for families in need of bondsman services. We understand this is a personal, potentially embarrassing, situation. We handle all bail bonds confidentiality and We realize that each situation is unique. Each client will be treated with respect. Patel Bail Bonds is here to help. We have extensive knowledge of the Cypress jail system to help you as quickly as possible regardless of location.

You must be looking for Cypress bail bonds if you are viewing my site. If you have done a little research, you have learned that the California Department of Insurance regulates the bail bond industry. If you are looking around you will find that bail agents charge 10% of the bail amount. How do you pick a bail bondsman? What's different here?

Please call Toll-free to discuss your unique situation at 1-800-598-BAIL (2245) or call 1-888-598-5288.

While we handle all charges and all bail amounts, We specialize in high bail amounts and family situations including DUIs and Domestic Violence Charges for Cypress bail bonds.

Bail Bonds - Essential Information

If you are considering bailing someone out of jail, you should understand some basic information about bail bonds. Likely, this is your first experience with a bondsman and the bail bond process. I want to ensure you understand the Cypress bail bonds process.

We offer many pages with additional information and resources:

How Bail Bonds Work

  • What are Bail Bonds / Bail Bond Contracts
  • the Purpose of the Bail System
  • What to Expect When Bailing Someone Out of Jail
  • Costs of Bail Bonds and Payment Options
  • How Bail Bonds are Approved

The Arrest Process

  • What Happens When Someone is Arrested
  • Booking and Processing of an Arrestee
Cypress Police Department
5275 Orange Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630



About the City of Cypress

Just how Cypress got its name is a bit of a mystery. The city never had many cypress trees, local historians say. In fact, it once was called Dairy City after its principal residents - dairy cows.

Civic leaders settled on the name Cypress when the city incorporated in 1956, and legend has it that cypress trees planted around the town's first school gave the area its name. But in one old school photograph unearthed by a city historian, no such trees appear.

Today the dairy farms are gone and Cypress, in northwest Orange County, is an urban community striving for a balance of industrial and residential development.

It is the corporate home of several national and international companies, shopping centers and the Los Alamitos Race Course. The race track represents the single-largest source of tax revenue for the city.

But 100 years ago, a traveler to the area would have found only flat grassland, said local Cypress historians. By the late 1890's, the area - then called Waterville because of numerous nearby artesian wells - was primarily an agricultural community. Sugar beets were among the crops grown.

In 1895, the Cypress School District was started, apparently named after a school built in 1887 at the corner of Moody and Ball roads.

There seems to be no information on why Cypress was the name given to the school and later to the district - the school didn't have any trees. In any case, once Cypress became the name of the school district, people started calling the area Cypress.

The first US post office opened in 1929, and the first railroad depot opened in 1906. In 1928, Texaco developed a 144-acre site off Ball Road as an oil-storage dept. The storage yard was active until 1987, when plans began to develop the site into the city's last large-scale housing tract.

The dairy industry flourished after 1910, and at its peak in the 1940s and 1950s, Cypress had about 1,700 people and 100,000 cows. However, by the mid-1960s the rising cost of land in Orange County drove the dairy industry farther inland to places like Chino.

Today, after a building boom in the 1960s and 1970s, nearly all of the land in Cypress is developed.

Patel, Bail Bondsman
Al Patel, Bondsman
1-800-598-BAIL (2245)
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Insurance License # 1845933

Corporate Headquarters
5220 Clark Ave. Suite #110
Lakewood, CA 90712
Office: 562-866-7666
(Next to Lakewood Sheriff Station)

Office Locations:
Lakewood : 562-866-7666
Cerritos : 562-860-7779
Norwalk : 562-864-7779
Downey : 562-861-7666
Long Beach : 562-435-7666
Orange County : 714-969-7779
Diamond Bar : 909-860-7779
Monrovia : 626-303-5557
La Palma : 714-994-4666
Northridge : 818-837-3777
Santa Monica : 310-576-7779

Cell phone : (562) 572-9935
Email :
Member of : PBUS, GSBAA

"You helped me get bailed out of jail on Friday night. I just wanted to say thank you. It was an awful experience for me, and if nothing else, your kind voice on the other end of the phone in that cell was a tremendous comfort."
- Chrystal in Santa Clarita


Accepted Payment Methods


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